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Welcome to X Soccer Tips. The website of one of the leading football tipsters online.

We do not boast falsely that we have tips or KTs from the leading bookmakers and bookies or whatever bullshit which has been written anywhere else. My tips are based on team, match, league and odd analysis. Trust me to give you the best tips of the day!!

Our tips are free and we cover many worldwide soccer leagues every season! This includes popular upcoming games with full analysis on all our bets from the champions league right down to betting on the National League, yes we really do cover competitions all the way down to non league football sides.

——–Bankroll Advice——–

X Soccer Tips would like to give advice to all members or viewers. There is no such thing as 100% win so please bet within your own limits. We recommend good money management as a very important factor in order to gain profits from football betting. Recommended staking strategy use by us is to divide your bankroll by 50 for safe punters or at least by 20 for more risky punters and stake this amount equally for all matches you bet on. This bankroll set aside for betting should not be money that is important to pay for your normal routines like your bills, or other things which need the money more urgently. In this way, you will not risk going bankrupt.

We at X Soccer Tips use this money management and staking strategy ourselves to help us bankroll our bets every month. Now, to state an example if you still do not understand:

A punter has an initial bankroll of 10k. If he belongs more to the risky group, 10k divide by 20 means he will stake $500 for each match he bets on. If he is our member, based on our November records dated until 08th November which resulted in 11 wins and 7 loses: $500 x 11 = $5500. Minus this from the average rate from bookies which is about 1.9 or win90 or win 90% which 10% is the water money, he will be left with $4950. Minus from the 7 matches he lost, which is equal to $3500, he would of still won $1450.

If your profits add to your initial bankroll and make it 15k, you can choose to increase your betting stake. This time 15k divide by 20 will means staking $750 a match. Or if you are having a lost and your bankroll is down to 5k, then decrease your stake to $250 a match. Or you can choose to just keep the same stake forever, which applies only to those who are winning. Please do not go increase your stake too much when you are losing or even winning. This is a safer method compare to staking thousands and risk losing all in a day!!! which happens to lots of punters we know. Or those who bet small initially, and gain confidence after winning for few days. Then increased the stake and lost all in the end.

Well, this strategy has work excellently for us. But, if you yourself have a good system, well please keep to it. Please do not try to think about getting rich in a day and bet heavily in a match and increase your bets more heavily after losing. Most people who do this end up in debts and bankruptcy. We at X Soccer Tips treats soccer betting as a long term investment. Using a good betting system and money management, will be sure to help you have profits following our tips. Most of our members are satisfied enough to have a 1k profit every month.

Thanks for your time reading this advice. We have experienced losing lots of money before we started following strictly on our system and money management. So, we hope that this advice brings some help or assistance to our members.

Feel free to email us if you have further queries and questions. Lastly, we wishes good luck to all members and punters.